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Construction site falls — whether from scaffolding or ladders or from roofs of homes, buildings or other structures — are serious accidents that can lead to life-altering injuries, and even death. Survivors of a serious construction site will likely require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitative therapy. In some cases, the injured construction worker may require vocational retraining or may be incapable of returning to any occupation due to the extent of the construction accident injury. Compensation is necessary to deal with the physical, emotional and financial impact of the accident.

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At Powers & DiCicco, we are experienced at representing construction workers who are injured in scaffold and ladder falls and other construction site falls. In order to determine who is liable for your injuries, we investigate the accident for OSHA violations, equipment defects and other negligence such as:

  • Defective or inadequate safety straps
  • Insufficient guardrails on scaffolding
  • Improperly erected scaffolding
  • Noncompliance with fall protection regulations
  • Unmarked open holes
  • Improper use of scaffold on wheels

Construction Site Falls Resulting in Serious Injury or Wrongful Death

Due to the heights involved, most construction site falls result in serious injury or even death. Our attorneys offer experienced advice, compassion and guidance to clients dealing with the aftermath of such a devastating accident. We represent injured construction workers who have suffered a neck or spinal cord injury, complex fracture, head or traumatic brain injury (TBI) or other life-altering injury as a result of falling from extreme heights. We assist these injured workers in obtaining proper workers' compensation benefits as well as applicable personal injury compensation for their injuries and losses.

Our Boston area law firm also represents families who have lost a loved one as a result of a construction site fall. We use our knowledge of the insurance industry and our deep compassion for our clients' interests to provide the kind of representation that clients need when dealing with the sudden death of a family member.

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