Motorcycle & Truck Accidents

Boston, Massachusetts Motorcycle & Truck Accident Lawyers

There are serious issues that you will need help addressing following an accident — whether it is a motorcycle accident or truck accident. At Powers & DiCicco , our lawyers represent people seriously injured in accidents throughout eastern Massachusetts.

There are special issues related to motorcycle and truck accident claims. To schedule a free consultation, e-mail or call an attorney at one of our offices in Lynnfield, Quincy or Brockton, Massachusetts, at 866.596.0074.

Motorcycle Accident Claims

People who enjoy riding a motorcycle face significant injuries if they are involved in an accident with another motor vehicle. It is important to know that you lack "no fault" insurance coverage while riding a motorcycle. While you might have purchased medical payment coverage, there are no guarantees that you have rights to collect compensation for medical expenses and lost wages from your own insurance company. Most of the monetary damages you will receive will come from the responsible driver's insurance company.

Truck Accident Claims

While many issues that occur during a car accident claim can occur during a claim following a truck crash, the issues related to a truck accident claim are generally more complex. Issues involving truck drivers, trucking companies, Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations and multiple insurance policies can significantly complicate issues of liability and financial recovery.

At the law firm of Powers & DiCicco, our attorneys combine legal experience with a unique perspective of the insurance industry to provide professional advice and representation to people injured in motorcycle and truck accidents throughout Massachusetts. With 25 years of legal and insurance industry experience — as in-house counsel or insurance adjuster, and now as personal injury lawyer — our attorneys have the knowledge necessary to represent you.

At Powers & DiCicco, our lawyers each have over 25 years of experience representing people throughout eastern Massachusetts. If you have been injured in a truck or motorcycle accident, contact us at one of our three convenient office locations.