Hand, Wrist & Amputation Injuries

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When you are in a car accident, you grip the steering wheel to brace against the impact. When you trip and fall, you use your hands to catch your fall. While these defensive movements can prevent you from suffering other serious injuries, they can very easily lead to severe hand and wrist injuries that require extensive medical treatment and even time away from work.

At Powers & DiCicco, we help injured workers and other injured clients through the legal process of recovering monetary damages for their injuries. Contact us for a free consultation with a skilled attorney. From offices in Lynnfield, Lynn, Brockton and Quincy, we serve injured workers and other injured clients in the Boston area and throughout Eastern Massachusetts.

Attorneys With Over 25 Years of Experience

Powers & DiCicco offers extensive experience handling complex work injury claims and personal injury claims. With over 25 years of experience and thorough understanding of the insurance industry, our attorneys understand the level of detail and attention that must be given to documenting your injuries. We work with your medical professionals to ensure the severity and source of your injuries are fully documented. We handle personal injury and workers' compensation claims involving:

  • Hand/wrist fractures: Our attorneys represent car accident victims, slip and fall accident victims and work accident victims who suffer serious wrist fractures and other complex fractures to their fingers, hands, wrists or arms.
  • Carpal tunnel injury: Repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, should not be disregarded. Our Boston area law firm advocates for the rights and interests of office workers and other workers who endure the constant pain and aggravation of a repetitive use injury. We understand the challenges you may face when a wrist injury limits your ability to perform your job.
  • Amputation: Certain occupations come with risks. However, when a defective safety shutoff switch or violation of OSHA regulation results in a catastrophic accident that causes you to lose a finger, hand, arm or other limb, you deserve to be compensated. We represent factory workers and other workers who have become the victim of an amputation accident.

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