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Accident on the job can cause worry for Massachusetts workers

Many circumstances can lead to an on-the-job accident or injury. Aside from any inherent dangers present in the occupation, there are also factors such as health and safety that may play a role in an accident on the job. When a Massachusetts worker suffers from an accident on the job, he or she may find it difficult to move forward physically, emotionally and financially. Thankfully, Massachusetts has workers' compensation laws designed to help injured workers and their families when they need it most.

When a tragic incident occurs in the workplace, there may be many questions regarding how the incident happened and what steps are being taken to prevent further injury. This is exactly the case for one out-of-state man who was critically injured recently in an accident at a construction site. The man was reportedly crushed, leaving him critically injured, though the exact cause of the crushing injuries was not detailed.

The man was taken by helicopter to a local hospital in Texas, where the injury occurred. The man's employer has not released any details regarding the cause or extent of the accident. Early reports following the accident only stated that the man was in critical condition, a status which has not been updated.

Massachusetts workers who suffer an accident on the job may feel helpless in their injured state. Aside from their own physical suffering, they may worry over the financial stability of their family. Fortunately, injured workers may find relief in our state's workers' compensation laws. By filing a workers' compensation claim, injured workers may receive compensation for their injuries and lost income in order to sustain them and their families as they focus on their recovery and return to work..

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